Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunny Autumn

I finally put together a leaf collage from this years bounty. 
Over the weekend, a walk in a little nature preserve nearby was a delight.
Who doesn't love watching a sun-dappled creek. 
There are little creek trout in the upper center of this photo.
Years ago, when Meg was in second grade
 we kept a little creek trout all winter long in a plastic milk container.
When spring came we let it go in the creek we got it from.
I home-schooled Meg for a few years back then 
and have many fond memories of our time together. 
The pink along the creek is an old-fashioned kind of burning bush.
It has a very open, loose growing pattern
and smaller leaves than the style you see in many yards.
Little red berries hang from the stems in the fall.

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Mickie said...

What a beautiful set of photos! And wonderful memories as well! Well done! That bush is spectacular! :)