Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Colorful embroidery--Hungarian style!

OK, here is what I found....at least a tiny bit of beautiful Hungarian embroidery. My favorite is above--a pillow cover of black linen and embroidered with colorful flowers, green leaves and dots.
I started googling just the words folk art and Hungary and found some interesting stuff. There seem to be two major areas of design influence in Hungary, one in the Kalocsa area and one in Matyo (Mezokovesd). I used both of these words to look up images from Google and found websites that way as well. One great site I found, which most of the pictures in this post are from, is here. The products for sale are a pretty reasonable price, too. Of course, for me it was important that the site was in English. :-) If you want to embroider your own doily there is a pattern similar to these pictures in the library of Piecework Magazine here.
Thank you Sweet P for leaving me a comment. :-)


Heleen said...

I love the Hongarian embroidery!

Anonymous said...

I wish to learn to do Hung embroidery but on a machine. Can
you recommend one?
Hilde in Ohio

Sarah said...

I don't know of any Hungarian design info. for embroidery machines--you'd think that there would be. Aren't some of the machines able to use a scanned image/pattern? I don't know very much about the machines. There is a website www.folkology.com that has pattern sheets of Hungarian designs--kind of pricey. Hope this helps. :-)