Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Unabashed fan of big-box stores

On the hunt for Christmas decorations--I was just telling my husband that I want to decorate early this year--I checked out K-Mart and Target's offerings this morning. WOW!! I had forgotten about Martha at K-Mart until I read about Hilary at weewonderful's finds. I am loving the folky stuffed heart the most which is from K-Mart. The sunflower push-up toy in a polka-dot pot and the jaunty top-hatted cardinal are from Target as are the oval gift box and the cushy throw underneath everything. The wrapping paper, ribbon, and other ornaments are all K-Mart. Woo-eee! Tis the season! :-)
Oh, and remember to check out the Martha kitchen and bath stuff before you leave K-Mart. I got some bandanna-printed kitchen towels and sherbet-colored checked kitchen towels that have rickrack sewn along the bottom.

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