Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Up to my eyeballs

Well, Emily has a homemade costume for Halloween this year. I'm afraid it is destined to be her one and only homemade costume tho because I don't like to do hems and I don't like gathers all that much either. In my fusty, perfection-striving way, gathers are so loosey-goosey, seat of your pants kind of things if you know what I mean. This pumpkin princess dress had gathers at the waist that were sewn onto the lined bodice with waist poofs--and this was all done in one step. Oh, the posssibility of bits sewn in the wrong places was immense.

All is well that ends well however--the dress is done and Emily loves it to death. The pumpkin wand is the crowning glory. :-) I took a sparkly mini pumpkin from Hobby Lobby and poked a glitter-covered dowel rod into the bottom of it along with a few curly ribbons. Emily has dubbed everyone around her a pumpkin queen, king or royal dog.

Now, we are all set to go trick-or-treating! Happy Halloween!!


Thank you Elaine and Hanna for your comments!! :-) Makes me smile!! Thanks "T" and Sis, you make me smile too! :-)

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