Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend trip to Wisconsin

Traveled up to Wisconsin for the weekend and visited Old World Wisconsin. This is a 256 acre park run by the historical society which has about 65 buildings from original settlers of Wisconsin. They have painstakingly brought the structures to the park, reconstructed and furnished them of the time. Each is then a part of the living history of the park, with interpretors who work the land, answer questions and bring each area to life. There are German, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, African American, and Yankee areas--I think I've listed them all. The place is all spread out with lovely trails throughout as well as a tram for the weary. There was a woman in the Finnish dairy farm that was just outstanding. She just lit up when we asked her questions about cooking on a wood cookstove and about the farm. She had one pie cooling and pumpkin simmering on the stove for another.

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