Sunday, October 21, 2007

Do you have any oatmeal boxes?

I came across this project in an old McCall's book--more on this book later--and I had to post about it. You see, I helped my mom clean up her closets a while ago and found she had a huge stash of oatmeal boxes because "they were so handy to store things in". I gave her a really hard time about it "you can't see into them, therefore you don't know what you've got" and convinced her to give them the toss. I must eat my words a bit now (humble pie-one serving coming up)seeing this handy-dandy yarn keeper. I guess it would help the yarn from running off your lap and across the floor. :-)

And thanks again, Mom for the box of yarn scraps. This means that I'll have to work on my horribly basic knitting skills so I can make some doll hats or socks or something. Right now some of the yarn looks pretty nice in Grandma's wooden bowl tho.

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Elaine said...


Oh, what a good idea! I've wanted one of these for my daughter, but never wanted to pay the price of the ones I'd seen.