Monday, October 22, 2007

Good, trustworthy people

I have loved wooden dolls ever since my mom made me a penny wooden from a kit when I was a kid. I looked up a bunch of information on wooden dolls last year--make sure and check out Lotz Doll Pages--and just recently when I was googling pictures of wooden dolls I came across digiBooks in the Czech Republic that has old Czech and German books on CD's. (the website has an English language tab) Long story short I ordered the titles that had lots of color plates of wooden toys and folk art of Europe. The man who corresponded by email with me knew some English and so we arranged for me to send him payment and he would then send me the CD with the books on it. I could ethier put money into the company account by international bank transfer or send the money in the mail. The international bank transfer was incredibly expensive and the money in the mail was risky, what if they just kept it and didn't send me anything. This is where the good trustworthy people come in.....I decided to risk just sending cash thru the mail overseas. It worked and I got plenty of emails telling me where I was in the process and it was pretty fast overall. I received the CD today (I sent the money on 9/28) and I can't believe what a rich source of inspiration this is for me. Here are two images from the CD (books are in PDF form). The color plates are just fantastic. :-)

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