Tuesday, October 2, 2007

doll clothes

Back in August I made some clothes for Em's new doll. I promised to put up pictures of the outfit and I am finally getting to it. The doll from the Corelle company in France is the same size as the Marie & Claire dolls from that magazine of the same name. Anyway, Em's new doll was still in the package and I tried to make clothes based on a pattern I found in one of the Marie Claire Idee's issues. The clothes turned out great and were fun to make--except the lacey part on the blouse--I poked my finger with a pin on that part--ouch! The biggest problem overall was that when Em opened the doll and tried to put the little summer blouse and capris on they didn't fit. I thought that the seam allowance was included in the pattern and it just wasn't--rats. I thought that I would make the outfit again right away, only larger, but I haven't had the heart--I was so disappointed that it didn't fit. Oh well, the sandals fit--one missing for the picture and the beach bag works! Em wasn't all that bummed out, the doll came dressed in a ballerina outfit so that was a big hit.

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