Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A beautiful splash cloth I found in an antique store. It roughly translates from Czech "Good fortune will come to you if you clean your stovepipe" These splash clothes were hung above the dry sinks or kitchen table to keep the wall behind them clean. I've got this one way above my sink as a window curtain/decoration in the kitchen.

This picture is of a little thing I made for Emily's room when she was a baby. The redwork pattern came from a library book which I'm sure is still under copyright. The calico buttons are reproductions ordered from a CA company named Chile-n-Crackers.

And finally this baby quilt that is from my family. I have started to copy the patterns from it and want to share, so keep checking back (one is below). I have to post them in jpeg format because I can't figure out any other way right now. Feel free to right click and save, print or whatever. I don't know where the patterns came from so please don't use them for commercial purposes. They are mostly mother goose oriented with some sunbonnets and babies thrown in. You might be able to tell from the photo above that the quilt has some serious mildew damage and browning. Does anyone have advice on how to safely remove any of this?

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Charlene said...

I love that quilt. As for the mildew try soaking it in cold water with some detergent, and use the colorfast bleach, just a little. This should not fade the colors but be careful. You may have to do this a few times. I have used SURF detergent to get out some of these on my things and it works very well.