Friday, November 9, 2007


Going to a miniatures show and sale near the Chicago airport this weekend. It is put on by the Wee C miniature club. Looking over the pictures from last year's show at their website is tantilizing--lots of dollhouses and box rooms. The picture above is from one of my favorite paperdolls--I have the outside cover but the dolls and clothes have gotten lost. :-(
Anyway, I think if you right click and save the picture you can print it out to dollhouse scale for personal use in a dollhouse toyroom or store.
The girls and I are working on a dollhouse for Christmastime. I guess this is just the busiest time of year but we got all inspired over at turkeyfeathers with their yummy dollhouse bakery and so we are off our own adventure. Our dollhouse kit came last week and we have started to sand and pry the pieces out from the surrounding plywood. One of the plywood sheets of pieces is not cut all the way thru so we are having a hard time removing the kit pieces from it. Oy! UPDATE: I called the 1-800 number listed on the instructions and the very nice representative is sending me another sheet # 5--so I don't have to struggle with getting the pieces out. :-)
Pictures will be posted when there is something to look at. :-)

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