Monday, June 23, 2008

Chilly Days and Yarn

A good place to spend a chilly day--oh, the torture! On our week-long vacation to Michigan which was pretty chilly and sometimes rainy we managed-ahem-to enjoy ourselves. :-) How could we not with the beautiful beaches and a pretty cabin on a smaller lake to come home to. My Mom coached the girls and I in knitting and croceting and it was a regular yarn camp!

Now, you have got to love the mice in the photo below. They are part of a pattern of Dickensian Mice by Alan Dart (Sirdar pattern # 4132). Mom knit the pieces and I put the bits of the two mice together. I made the lantern all by myself with coaching from Mom. This guy Alan Dart is a wonder and here is his website. His patterns are often run in a magazine Simply Knitting out of England, which is on the magazine racks of Borders here in the states.

This is Matilda (Tilly) Pruit and Frederick Lumley.

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