Friday, June 6, 2008

Not Little, Miniature or a Doll!

Switching gears on my love of the small and miniature I made this huge, humongous pincushion for my Mom. I was inspired by a giant pincushion sitting on the desk of Mette on her very cool blog Erleperle. Now, I want to make one for me.......Lately, I keep returning to my artroom in the basement to get something else that I have forgotten as I craft near my kids upstairs--truth be told--to be near the TV, too. :-) I really need all these pockets. I have pulled out some of the fabric that I will use--one with matryoshka all over--to keep them close at hand. :-)

When I was making this--I should have taken pictures because even after trying to make sure that the pocket openings were going to all be on top--I messed it up. I don't even know how I did it, but after carefully sewing the cube up ever so neatly Boom!! I had pockets facing the bottom of the cube! Aaaargh! So, I unpicked and re-attached the offending pockets. All good now and Mom loves it!

Happy Sewing everybody! :-)


Sweet P said...

I love that pincushion. Did you make it up yourself? Or were you able to find a patter for it? If you made it up, can you send some tips on it? I'd love to make one.

Mette said...

You did it! Love all the pockets! Happy sewing to you too!