Friday, June 27, 2008

On My Lap

I can't show you my desk full of projects yet--I'm getting ready for an annual "summer camp" with the girls--but I can share what has been in my lap which has been full of yarn ever since vacation. With my mom's help I started my first ever crochet project during vacation and now it's done. We had blue yarn with us and not brown, thus a blue bear. I followed the pattern in this book Amigurumi World Seriously Cute Crochet by Ana Paula Rimoli but I'm afraid the head was not done exactly as written because I kept messing up the counting, etc. Each of the arms and legs are slightly different from each other too, but I guess close enough.

Then I started on a hedgehog--it has all these added on "prickles on its back--it is taking so long to finish so I started something new! :-)

I was inspired by the cuteness in Molly Chicken's archives of bears and animals and so I just started crocheting a little bear? in a blue and white striped shirt. No real pattern, just an idea of the amount of each color that I wanted and where I wanted it to narrow down. I'll probably show another picture of it when I've finished--if I'm happy with the face. I think that is the hardest part--getting a good expression.

Have a cooooool weekend! :-)

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