Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sweet Softies & Vacation

Isn't this wee pup cute? I made her from a kit that is chock full of patterns. You have got to check it out! Each softie has a folded card with a photo and instructions and then a tissue sheet of pattern pieces to cut out.

I have cut out the felt needed for two more of the softies to take on vacation. I have prepared way too many projects for a trip we are taking next week. We always pack the car full of art supplies and only pull out half--we get way too busy talking and eating. :-) I want to try a deli we spotted last year and visit all the farm markets for yummy fresh fruits and vege.

This pink and white cake is also from the kit--the felt (acrylic) included in the kit is enough to make this. Even the little pink pompom is included.

This is Em a few years ago enjoying the very sand we will walk on again next week.
Here's to sandcastle wishes and beach-filled dreams!!
See you when we return. :-)

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