Sunday, September 20, 2009

Country Living Fair 2009

Pumpkins and Gourds all over the place at the Country Living Fair this weekend in Columbus, Ohio. How lucky I feel to have had this in my own "backyard". It was fun and inspiring, tiring and expensive. Meg and I got there just as it opened and it was mobbed--long wait at the ticket/entrance booths--Meg was smart and brought her knitting which she pulled out while we waited in line. :-)

Here is a farm wagon full of fabric pumpkins--very cool idea.

Artist Debbie Thibault gives a speech--about her inspirations and artwork. She seemed very nice. The room--an old schoolhouse building--was jammed with people--not even standing room left. Meg and I got there early and we got seats in the second row.

Isn't this an unusual colored background field for Dresden Plate? I really liked its boldness. I didn't take very many pictures during the day, first of all I wanted to take pictures of the products being sold and it wasn't encouraged for obvious reasons. But, I fairly haunted the Earth Angels tent. I really like the work of Jody Battaglia and she was very friendly. I was still too shy tho to ask her about taking her picture at her table. She had decorated her table with old children's toys, a dollhouse and all of her little figures. Really neat!

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