Monday, September 21, 2009

Deer Herd and Chestnuts

We have been watching this deer herd for the past several days now, coming thru our yard to munch on all the acorns. Em especially likes it--her room looks right over this part of the yard.
There are also two Chestnut trees in the front, but we have tried to stay ahead of the deer in collecting the nuts as they fall from the tree. Evidently there used to be a huge number of these trees before the early 1900's when the Chestnut blight killed them all. Now remnant American Chestnuts have been cross-breed with an Asian Chestnut which are resistant to blight and wah-lah Chestnuts in America again.

We've roasted a small amount and they taste like potatoes--without salt. I will be looking for recipes to use these in. We have given many of them away but still, we collect more. Does anyone know how to store these best? Unroasted, roasted and in fridge or freezer?


Mickie said...

Sarah, As far as food preservation goes, I am pretty picky as to sources I trust. However, I do trust agricultural extensions from colleges and think this site might help you:
Good luck!
Mickie :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Mickie--that is a great source. It has more information than I've found elsewhere. I had no idea that chestnuts were so perishable.