Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Small Harvest

A little garden vege from good neighbors of my parents. Mr. & Mrs. M have lived and farmed in the valley their entire lives. I remember, in my teens, walking along the dirt road to their house on sultry summer afternoons and watching General Hospital with Mrs. M. We were limited to one TV show a week at our house and this way we got to see some extra TV and it really felt like we were getting away with something. :-) I didn't continue to watch the soaps when I moved away but I still smile thinking of "Luke & Laura" of General Hospital fame.
Back to the vege--homegrown tomatoes--Yum!! I made a tomato, cucumber, onion salad adding just a little Italian dressing.

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Mickie said...

How yummy! :) Hope the salad was good! Is it still warm there? It is beginning to turn here in Pennsylvania. Luke and Laura, haven't thought of them for a long long LONG time :D