Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bears & Monkeys

A lovely endpaper illustration of Blueberry Hill
where Little Brown Bear, his family and friends live.
Love the otter family all swimming in their pond.
This is Little Brown Bear, his parents and friends, 
the peddlar and White Rabbit having a picnic.
Both of the above illustrations are from the book
"Little Brown Bear and His Friends"
by Elizabeth Upham (1952).
The stories are cute but the illustrations
by Marjorie Hartwell are heart-stopping. :-)
I would like one of those peddlar carts, wouldn't you??
Same author and illustrator for this story.
"Little Brown Monkey" is the title (1949).
This picture book seems very familar and I love the monkey momma's dress.
Yum, coconut cake!!

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Mickie said...

Just catching up today. Such sweet illustrations! I love your little bed and miniature scene! Oh I bet you and the kids are having a lovely summer!!!