Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Too Early for Sock Knitting

The moon got me up in the early morning today and I had the crazy idea to start decreasing for the toe on my second sock to finish it up. I must blame the moon for starting the decrease too soon.
At 4am I decided I must rip the toe back to just before the decrease.
The sock was simply turning out way short.
I could either leave it open to allow for my toes to pop out or rip it back.
By 5am I did not want to wish anyone a good morning. Uggh!
The picking up of loose stitches was a mess. All turned the wrong way and dropping through.
At one point I had four needles and two crochet hooks all picking up stitches at the same time.
Happy am I that it all came out OK. 
Braving a third pair. :-)

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