Friday, August 5, 2011

Comforter and Pillow

Just a little project while I was at the lake.
Here you see the gingham quilt and pillow on a nice doll bed. 
Here is the little embroidered pillow I made of felt.
I just plopped down any old flower shape in my favorite colors.
And here is the same quilt and pillow in a little fairy home near the lake.
I fashioned a little twig bed and two acorn lamps
for the fairies as well as a wee broom.
The acorn lamps were made from a small acorn
turned upside down and glued inside a larger acorn cap.
The broom is just a pine needle cluster and a stick
with a little bit of string wrapped around them both to hold them together.
The twig bed I am not happy with--I used wire to hold the twigs together
and it got really unwieldy. I'll need to try again.

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