Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sorry I have been missing here. I am terribly frustrated at the moment.
We are having doggie problems.
Gizmo chewed on his own tail while at the kennel 4 weeks ago until it required surgery.
He has been a mess ever since. Not sleeping thru any of those nights since, despite medicines.
He whines continually, chases his non-existent tail and pouts about his Elizabethan collar.
(I don't blame him there. those collars are cumbersome)
We are still hoping it will get better.
It is a wee bit better recently--only up once each night and able to spend some time without the collar, so maybe there is hope.
We were surprised this morning to find that our hollyhock,
planted this year had shot up and bloomed.
When did that happen? Must have been in the recently groggy days.
Doesn't this poor guy look sad?


Mickie said...

Oh my gosh, he does look sad. Why didn't the kennel stop him ? gRRRRRR. Anyway, I feel bad for him but am sure he will get through this, poor little guy. I feel bad you are so sleep deprived. The hollyhock is lovely.
Hugs and hope things get better for you and gizmo!
Hugs, Mickie

Sarah said...

I can't blame the kennel--very loving group. Gizmo got at his tail in the middle of a Saturday night and wasn't found until Sunday in the early morning.