Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Circus Ball & T.O.T.

I made another knitted ball and on my way towards a few more.
They are addictive to make.
The instructions are from a Ravelry free pattern, although I used a different sized yarn--fingering instead of worsted, which changed the instructions a little. I changed the number of color panels as well, from 7 to 6 so I could alternate the colors. I don't know whether that allows me to share what I did or not. What do you think?? 
Here are the 7 or more items for Toss out Tuesday.
What does it say about my in-grained hoarding habit that two weeks into this and I've had trouble coming up with stuff to get rid of. Uh-oh!!


Mickie said...

I love these little balls :) Your chinese lanterns are great! :)

Kate said...

I empathize with you ... it's so hard to toss out good stuff. What a great idea, though, to toss out stuff once a week - should be less painful that way. Well done.