Saturday, January 14, 2012

Out of Necessity

This tangled mess is another kumihimo braid.
I've made it rather long and I used plastic bobbins to hold the floss.
The bobbins are needed so that the really long floss doesn't get all knotted up.
The braid is 8 strands and the foam holder was purchased at a local craft store.
Directions for this braid come with the foam thingy.
This is what I wanted the braid for.
I very much need close-up glasses near me at all times,
so now I can hang them around my neck to keep them close at hand. :-)
The colors used are DMC 321, 603, 158, & 3839.
The black rubber thing that holds the braid
and the glasses together I purchased from an Etsy shop.
The little silver metal clamp is from a local craft store in the jewelry section.
The plastic bobbins I purchased from Knitpicks. Mine are the smallest size and you would need 2 sets--they come in a set of 6--not enough for an 8 strand braid.

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