Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life in the Brambles

I sat down and read each of the little stories about Brambly Hedge this morning.
They are so sweet and happy. No heavy morals or drama--just the way I like children's stories to be. Pure delight! Of course, the stories feature mice and the illustrations are so detailed and cozy, so the book had me right from the beginning. 
The stories were written by Jill Barklem back in the 1980's.
This book of all the stories was just re-released in 2011.
I remember when Meg was little, Target had a clothing line for a short while using the characters from the books. I didn't even know about the books at the time. They are British, but published here in the states as well. There is a website with a small write-up on the books, HERE
Don't miss out on this book!
You know me, I want to live in the little homes in the hedge
 and toast my bread by a roaring fire. :-)


Kate said...

Looks like a delightful book - love those illustrations.

Val said...

I love Brambly Hedge. I bought a set in London when I visited in 2000. I also have a plate with an autumn scene from Brambly Hedge that I found here in Brisbane.