Friday, January 6, 2012

Dollies & Shoes

Meg and I stopped off at another doll auction. This time it was during the preview so we could take our time. I love these china doll heads. Those gently blushing cheeks. 
I love to see the tiny shoes as well. These are much loved blue button-ups.
It looks like the doll actually walked many miles in these.
More walking...... 
I guess I like the dolls that are well-loved, maybe the best. Especially if they are handmade. This doll is about 4 feet tall-wow! I like her polka-dot body very much and the polka-dot dress over it with ric-rac detailing. A dollmaker after my own heart!  :-)

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Mickie said...

Cool photos! Thanks for posting this, just love sharing with this with you two!
Hugs, Mickie