Tuesday, August 7, 2007

E is for.....

Early birds--This group of duckies showed up on our last morning on the lake. It was funny that when they were each grabbing some of the bread I tossed to them one or two ducks stood guard duty for the rest. They floated/swam apart from the group always alert and not taking part in the feast...smart duckies.

Embroidery--A sampler of stitches I made when I was pretty young, I remember working on it and how hard it was to get the needle to come up where I wanted--still is hard that way.

Embroidery floss--just a lovely pile of it.

Effusive--Can't seem to get the knack of this...wish I could gush more, not fakey, just exuberantly effusive. :-)

Etc.--odds and ends are lovely aren't they? These are labels for spices..in Czech.

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