Thursday, August 23, 2007

L is for............

Lace--in nearly every window in Germany are lace curtains. I never could find out why they hang what seems to me short. The Germans rarely have any screens on their windows either. They don't seem to have many mosquitos but houseflies they do have. The lace curtains are said to help keep them out, I don't know how effective it is. Anyway, the lace is beautiful...I miss it.

Lurking--I have done this since, forever. I have tried to add comments to some blogs recently but, I find it hard. I am just a die-hard lurker. I stroll thru sites, admiring and getting inspired, yet I don't make any comment......I must therefore thank you all, you wonderful inspiring, informative people with websites and blogs out there. You brighten my day and I will try to tell you so--at least every once in a while.

Love--My Dad's birthday was yesterday--Happy Birthday! I Love You! Hope you enjoyed your peach pie. Wish I could have been there.....anyway here is a picture of an itty bitty little earring that my dad gave me when I was a teen. I don't know what has happened to the other one but he brought them home one night after work. The heart is hand-painted on the top of a split pea.

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