Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Very Ordinary Life ABC and 1,2,3

I love the idea that BellaDia has on her website and I am going to try and complete my own encyclopedia (sort of) of my life........starting with:


I have had 19 addresses thus far and would like to have at least one more. I toted up the number of homes I've lived in this morning and was surprised at the number. I don't remember the street addresses for all but I have very vivid memories of certain places in each home. The soft blue hydrangea at one front door, the phone "booth" seat at another. Each home written on my memory, something to love in each of them, even the baby snakes that found their way into the cabin we lived in for a year can be loved now that they are only a memory and not squirming on the floor.

2029 Collingswood--my childhood home, a shared bedroom with my sisters--I always wanted the top bunk and closet clubhouses with my brother-he sat on the shelf over the rod because we couldn't all fit below.

General Delivery, Nassau--folding down the dining table made my bed in the boat we lived on for a year when I was 12, clear blue water and Cinder, our dog, buried on Rose Island.

Apt. B Center Drive--stacked moving boxes in half of my bedroom, playing non-stop jump rope outside.

Dunlap Rd.--a haven in the trees and long bus rides to school.

Cobblestone Apt.--very little furniture in my first home with my husband and getting our first dog, Oliver-who tore up a patch of carpet by the door of that apartment.

Taylor Street 15, Germany--best neighbors who became good friends and the large tiled kitchen where I learned to make apple tart.

My mom thought that I would be the one kid who would not move far from home. It sure didn't work out that way, did it Mom? You see, I married a soldier and have strayed near and far, all over the place. You'd think that I like to move and at first it was fun and, not so much. The packing up of all my "precious" things and unpacking at the other end, uggh, not for me. But, I would like just one more the woods where I can paint my garden fence with polka dots and my front door the color of blueberries. A screen door that slaps shut and just one bathroom--I hate cleaning up bathrooms.

I made the felt picture above for my daughter about 6 years ago.

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