Friday, August 17, 2007

J is for....

Jumping Jacks--I remember watching a local kids show in central Ohio in the 60's, "Lucy's toyshop" and she would have an exercise segment singing a song about "go you chicken fat go" and I would do jumping jacks with her and other exercises as I watched.
A couple of years ago we discovered an artist, Michaela Muller, in Oberammergau, Germany that hand carves jumping jacks--called hampelmanner in German. She is so very talented and studied under master carvers for many years. The pictures above show the two sides of one hampelmann. Her workshop--very cool and filled with curls of wood shavings and pots of paint is on Ettaler Strasse (street) number 24 if you are ever in the southeastern parts of Baveria. It is just a block or two from the larger wood carver's shops and tourist area. Oberammergau is the town that puts on the famous Passion Play every ten years--the next one is in 2010.

Jolly and Jingle--I just like these words, they are so happy! I drew a birthday card for a niece several years ago with a jolly teapot on it.

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