Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Gggg's than I thought......

Gingerbread--Yum! On houses or in a pan, it doesn't matter. I remember giving my daughter of about 6 months old a tiny, tiny taste of gingerbread that I had baked and boy did her face crunch up. It sure wasn't rice cereal. This picture was taken in Germany at a Christmas market.

Genealogy--Oh, another love! I love to work on the natty little details and organize the charts and information, but most of all I love to imagine past family members lives and find out what was going on during their lifetime, in their town, in their country; what drove them to move on, or stay put. Like most genealogists I get carried away and talk this subject to death.

Gnome--Got this book for a birthday gift back when it first came out and liked all the drawings but especially those of the small house amongst the roots of a tree. Always wanted miniature people or gnomes to be real. Palmer Cox brownies, The Borrowers, Teenie Weenie's, gnomes, you name it.

Gypsy wagon--I've always wanted one. The inside so compact and cozy and tiny, like a dollhouse or playhouse on wheels. The excess decoration doesn't hurt ethier.

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