Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Babushka sneaks out

It seems that my little Unazukin, Rose, snuck outside this morning to peek at the raindrop-covered flowers. :-) The girls and I got a few plants the other day, but we are watching nightly temps closely because we aren't past our last freeze date here yet.
I went to Hilary Lang's Wee Wonderfuls blog this morning and she has started a vintage doll clothes flickr group here and it already has some little lovelies uploaded. I added the two dresses I had blogged about here. I have a couple more dresses to take pictures of, but I want to wait for a sunny day--my pictures turn out better. I have tried to set up an impromptu photo box with lights but I haven't mastered that whole thing at all.

And this is part of a pastel still life that Meg did this spring in art class. ;-)

Enjoy the day!

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