Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Gotta love this circus tent and acrobat that Emmy drew for me on Mother's Day. It is still up on our erasa-board in the kitchen. The other side features a chalkboard which I didn't take a picture of--it has a clever Emmy message on it. The other night, right before bed, Em wanted something to eat. I was cleaning up all the yucko dishes--why can't they clean themselves I ask--anyway I nixxed the whole bedtime snack idea, saying that the "kitchen was closed". Emmy's little sign then went up on the board "Kichen is Open even for girls that beg". She didn't get the snack, just a laugh. :-)

Have a great day!
Almost forgot the doll for the day.....here is an earlier sign from Em with a Brownie. Emmy loves to pretend she is running a shop and takes orders for meals that she then puts together for us. She just told me that she wants to learn to make a real supper. I asked which one--she said meatloaf! It is a yummy meatloaf recipe. I'll share it when she makes it--it has bbq sauce all over the top. :-)

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