Friday, May 16, 2008

Mrs. Jarley

My mom and I were inspired by the book Art Doll Chronicles (Somerset Studios) when it first came out and we exchanged dolls with each other. Mrs. Jarley is the doll I created before sending her off naked--not a stitch of clothing or hair--she was so embarrassed to travel thru the mail that way. But mom dressed and fixed her all up before shipping her back to me. I don't have a picture of her doll that I dressed, unfortunately. I recently gave Mrs. Jarley the mega-diamond bracelet on her wrist. She would like to think that it is a family heirloom. :-)
Mrs. Jarley's name is borrowed from Dickens' book The Old Curiosity Shop where she was the proprietor of the traveling waxwork. My Mrs. Jarley is a gypsy that Mom wrote a story for--she made her a descended member of the Vlad family--as in Vlad the Impaler. You have to look closely and you'll see a small band-aid on her wrist. Yikes! It is too funny! :-)
Naughty Mrs. Jarley's purse has a secret......

Check out the cute little socks that mom knit.
This is Mrs. Jarley's box. I stamped my own carved designs of different Indian designs onto tissue paper before tearing and gluing to the box.

Inside the box is Mrs. Jarley's journal with her story. :-)

Here is the first page of the journal. This is the only picture I have of poor Mrs. Jarley before mom fixed her all up.

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