Friday, May 2, 2008

Chicago charm

The beautiful tulips were out all over Chicago and ummm such gorgeous colors.

This is the shiny kidney bean in Millennium Park that reflects the Chicago skyline--so cool! I couldn't get a picture of the funky water fountain that had a visual light show of human faces that would all of a sudden spout real water from where their mouth was but you can see it here.

Tall buildings everywhere but the stonework is so neat--on the Hershey store on Michigan Avenue there are carved vultures--kind of appropriate for chocolate cravings. :-)Ooooo and here is the lunch that I split with my daughter Meg, Chicken Petit Pain and Petit Salad. Bistro 110 brought out our sandwich already split with a share of salad on both plates. So very tasty! This picture doesn't look pretty--I'm lucky I got any picture at all before it was snarfed down-- the puffs with ice cream filling, drizzled with chocolat was simply the best. Kudos to Bistro 110 and Merci! to Chef Dominique Tougne who came over to say hi to our group.
One last beautiful tulip. :-)

A last delight--I was able to find the spring issue of Marie Claire Idees. I loved every page of it! Ooo la la! :-)
***Oh man, missed a chance to see the Cruise family--as in Tom, Katie and Suri--in Chicago yesterday. :-) I guess they were in Chicago for an Oprah visit. I would have loved to see Suri--she is so cute in pictures.***

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jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Wow! Love that building!