Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pencil-neck Kokeshi?

I have never seen this kind of kokeshi with these thin necks, but I'm enchanted just the same-- with necks striped just like pirate socks .
I found these in a little antique shop in an Amish town we drove to yesterday. I had recovered fast from the night-time sickos--thank goodness and we all wanted to go for a drive.
The man who ran the shop had a few wooden and cloth dolls in his shop but most with prices much too precious for me--I should have taken pictures--didn't think. He had two Joli dolls from Poland marked at $12 each--condition poor--and for pete's sake these dolls were sold in the 1970's! I dreamt about a cloth doll with a Hungarian/gypsy? outfit he had for $35 tho--again pretty poor condition--but a sweet face.
Anyway, I got both of these Kokeshi for $10. :-) Does anyone know about the thin necks on these kokeshi? Any websites to suggest with info. on older kokeshi?

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