Sunday, May 25, 2008

Precious Buds Unfurling

My heart's been wrenching and swelling in turns around here lately watching my two girls mature and blossom. Meg signing up for a college class and not needing a wit of help, finishing finals and projects with finesse, when did she get so accomplished? And Emmy singing solo for her music class, swinging back and forth in nervousness but not running for cover as surely I would do even now when facing a group from stage. Yikes! Mommy pride! :-)

The doll of the day is a picture of stickers that I nabbed over at little apple craft on Etsy. This is half of the sticker sheet that I enlarged because the stickers themselves are itty-bitty--I needed my reading glasses just to see them clearly--Meg said that was reason enough to give them over to her--since I couldn't even see them--no chance kiddo! ;-) (italicizing the smiley--cool idea found over at Allsorts--of course)

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