Saturday, May 3, 2008

Watch Out for Dolls!

Beautiful redbud on a gloomy, rainy day.

Whose shoes are these, below? How about that ribbon and rickrack on the edge of the skirt? Yummy!!
I was trying to think last night about different posts that I could do this month--to carry me thru the days when I can't think of a thing and don't feel like anyone could possibly want to see what is on my radar that day. Well, I decided to do what I will call a "Doll-a-Day-in-May" as an added incentive for me to post every day in May. I do promise that they won't all be Russian matryoshkas. :-)
Here she is--the first doll of the month.
This beauty "Woman with Pies" is first in the line-up. She hails from Russia--can you see a theme here?? :-) She is from the studio design of artist Galina Maslennikova. I had the hardest time finding info. on the web about her but extracted this---Galina founded a studio in 1990, assembling some 50 craftsman and professional artists to produce dolls dressed in Russian peasant clothes from the 18th/19th centuries. (see here) There are a couple of places to purchase dolls from her studio online it seems, here and here. This sweet doll in from a tiny shop, Gifts from Russia, in downtown Tacoma, WA, now closed. (it re-opened in the German-like town of Leavenworth, WA) Their website mentions Galina's Dolls but their ebay store didn't have them.

She has a couple of dots on her chin from an unfortunate tumble she took--those pies in her tray are heavy don't ya know! :-)
Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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