Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Making labels.........

I've decided to make a move over to glass storage and microwave containers versus plastic "tupperware". I'm not too fanatic yet--well, I did get a couple of strange looks from the kids at all the plastic containers in the trash--what's going on Mommy?

I think it was a TV program on Sunday morning that was talking about "safe" vs "unsafe" food plastics. Yikes, all those numbers on the bottoms of plastics. The "unsafe" ones are 3, 6, & 7. I frankly didn't find any of those numbers in my cupboards--no baby bottles left--but they were also saying that it is not safe to microwave in plastics--chemicals may leach out and into food--and old plastics--used many times--might not be safe because the surfaces get etched in the washing process and thus might be harboring bacteria. Uggh! So we are mostly switching back to glass and ceramic.

That said, I will hop off the soapbox now and continue making some labels for my pretty new glass jars--no picture yet. :-)

Check out this Dictionary of Dolls published by Woman's Day in January 1965. My two favorite pages show dolls of the world and wooden dolls. The rest of the pages are on a flickr set here.

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KitKnitty said...

We're trying to eliminate plastics from our home, too. And I have to say that things seem to taste better coming out of a glass pitcher or eaten off a ceramic plate. I love to drink out of chilled glasses. It makes even tap water taste great!