Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mini Dolly

Isn't she sweet? Such a pretty face and a dotted dress! Do you see the lace trimming the bottom of her dress? This little doll is attached to a pink ribbon that makes a necklace. My grandma gave her to me back in the 70's--yes, if you didn't know it from before in looking thru my blog, I am like a squirrel who tucks things away in a nest. You never know what I might pull out next. :-)
My grandma had been on a trip to England and had brought her back for me. In looking at her again just now I see that she is very much like a little babushka doll with her covered head.
Underneath her dress is a heavier bead? that is cloth covered and it holds the doll upright when it is around your neck.

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