Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old Tattered Notepad

An unassuming little notepad, a gift some 35 years ago from my grandma, is a repository of names. All the same name in this case, mine. For some long forgotten reason, probably just a whim, I started signing this little notepad once a year, also noting how old I was at the time. Amazingly enough I have only missed one year and that was just recently when our things were in storage for a long time as we got resettled.

This is the first page starting with the childish hand of a 10 year old on up thru a few years. It is fun to look back and see how my signature evolved, from child to adult--that 14th year, trying something completely different, to married adult, with a whole new last name. The last several pages of the notepad aren't that interesting, as my signature rarely looks very different now, but I just signed it again this year marking another year passed.
And strolling down memory lane brings me to the Doll of the Day. A Raggedy Andy doll that my grandparents let me buy long ago. My sister and I had gone to visit them without our parents--we were finally old enough and we all went shopping at a big department store after they had taken us out to eat--a huge treat at the time. Well, after much looking--they must have been driven nearly crazy with our indecisions, we decided on a doll we wanted--my sister got the mini Raggedy Ann and I wanted the mini Raggedy Andy. Still such a cutie! :-)

Have a good, good weekend, thanks for stopping by. :-)

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