Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One of the Prettiest Corners of the World

I am sharing today a few pictures I took in Colmar, France. We visited there several times and I just love the beautiful flowers and the canal that runs through part of the town. Down below a picture of some houses along the canal in the fishmonger's district. Such wonderful colors don't you think?! :-) I had to wack off the right side of this picture because a dude, who was really near me, looked right into the camera just as I took the photo. :-)

And here is the doll for the day--not truly a doll but a French santon (little saint). Santons are for creating elaborate creches which include all sorts of villagers at Christmas time. This is a 7cm painted clay santon of a village woman with her basket and lantern. Here is a website that has lots of santons for sale--some of them large, 25 cm, figures.

Check out this santon fair in Marseilles--how I wish I could go there! Here is a link for their fair--make sure to click on the British flag for English translation.

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