Monday, May 19, 2008

Scrolly Ironwork

Lots of beautiful iron here. We toured this old home on Saturday and the iron reminded me of other pictures that I've taken.

These two are from a smallish town in Belgium. We visited when it was early, early spring so it is not as colorful in these pictures as it gets with all the flower boxes in bloom.

Below is a picture from Chicago's Art Institute.

And a picture of our back door in Germany with a metal door "mat" that I mounted on the wall. Do you see how skinny the screen is for our back door? All sorts of weird sizing to get used to in Germany--doors, windows, wardrobe closets that were sort of convenient with one side of built in dresser drawers but almost too shallow for a hanger. :-)

In keeping with the doll a day in May here is my final picture. Not exactly a doll, but a gnome hiding behind the rosemary, in our German garden. At the time I worried he would disappear and go visiting somewhere else. Some garden gnomes would magically disappear, maybe they would go on vacation--I don't know. (see the French Garden Gnome Liberation Group here) History of garden gnomes can be found here. :-) I don't have him out in my garden now--the backyard isn't fenced and we always have kids "visiting" thru the yard. Nice for Em but hard on the flowers and gnomes. /:-)

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